What we do....

lucy and tom heads


T Shirts, designed and printed in forests by bears....er...well... you can't prove that they aren't!

Don’t feed the Bears is a T Shirt label based in Sheffield, UK.
We are Lucy (designer) and Tommy (screen printer, & expert coffee maker!)

We’ve been designing and screen printing T Shirts since 2010.

All DFTB's t-shirts start life as a pencil sketch in one of Lucy's overflowing & much loved books. 

Tom's role is much more messy.....

After Lucy's done her magic, Tom puts the t-shirts through the messy, inky fun-ness that is screen printing (in between many cups of coffee).

We do all this by hand in our Sheffield studio. 

The name Don’t feed the Bears came from a road trip Lucy and Tom went on in 2009.